AMS360: Create a program

Note: This feature is only available to agencies subscribed to Ascend Plus.

What You'll Learn

  • How to create a program in Ascend from AMS360

  • Fee Mapping from AMS360 to Ascend

  • Frequently Asked Questions

For instructions on how to set up the AMS360 integration, check out this article here.

Step-by-Step Instructions

How to create a program in Ascend from AMS360

  1. Click the +New Program button from the Ascend programs homepage here

  2. Click the Import from AMS360 button in the right corner of the Customer section

  3. Type in the insured's name or business name into the search field and select the customer from the dropdown, then select which policy(s) you'd like to import to the program

    • A policy must be Agency Bill and not be expired to be pulled into the policy list in Ascend

  4. The customer's info should auto-populate, along with some policy/quote details

  5. Verify the policy details are accurate, and enter the remaining required info that doesn't auto-populate from AMS360:

    • Minimum earned rate

  6. Once all details are confirmed to be accurate, click the Save program button

Your program is now ready to send the payment link to the customer!

Field Mapping from AMS360 to Ascend

Insured Information

Insured and business information is pulled from the Customer Account record in AMS360. The fields that we pull to create the Ascend program are:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Firm Name or DBA

  • Address

  • Email

  • Phone number

Quote/Policy Information

Quote/policy information is pulled from the Policy record in AMS360. We get the following fields:

  • Policy #

  • Effective and expiration dates

  • Writing company

  • Line of business

  • Premium

Fee Mapping from AMS360 to Ascend

You can customize the fee mapping between Ascend and AMS360. To enter fee codes, from the AMS360 platform, check out the Fee mapping section here in the dashboard settings page. Please note that any other fees that are not represented here will be added up as "Other fees" on Ascend.

Your team ill need to fill in the fee codes from AMS360 to the corresponding Fee on the Ascend platform:

  • Agency fee

  • Policy fee

  • Broker/Wholesaler fee

  • Taxes

These codes are unique to your agency's AMS360 system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't the policy I'm looking for coming up in Ascend from AMS360?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to locate the policy you're looking for:

  • The policy is not marked as Agency bill in AMS360

  • The policy is not current/is expired.

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