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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my agency receive our commission payout?

Once Ascend receives your customer's initial payment (paid in full premium or downpayment amount), we will initiate a commission payment to your agency within two business days.*

*As long as the downpayment amount equals or exceeds the commission amount. If your team requested a lowered downpayment amount, this may delay receipt of the commission payout to your agency by 1-3 business days.

My customer paid, but we have yet to receive our commission. Why not?

There are a few reasons why you might not have received your commission yet:

  1. Your team requested a lowered downpayment amount. This could add 1-3 business days to the typical commission funding timelines.

  2. Your agency has entered incorrect bank account details into the Bank Details section in Settings. Please get in touch with if you think this might be possible.

  3. Your team forgot to enter the commission, or the commission was entered at 0%. Please check the program's quote details to verify the commission % was entered correctly.

What if my agency is earning commission on fees and/or taxes?

Although this is uncommon, some MGAs and carriers like SIS apply commission to taxes and/or fees.

If your agency's commission on a policy is being applied to amounts other than the net premium, enter the total commissionable amount into the Premium field. Because the commission % entered is applied to the Premium field ONLY, you'll need to enter the entire amount the commission applies to into that field.

I entered the commission incorrectly, and the customer has initiated payment -- What do I do?

Please reach out to the Ascend Support Team at Depending on the program's status, we may or may not be able to help with fixing this.

If the program's funding has already been issued, your team must contact the MGA or carrier to resolve the error.

My agency didn't receive the correct commission amount. What do I do?

  1. Check the commission % AND premium amounts that were entered into the program's quote details match the policy's invoice doc exactly.

  2. If the commission AND premium amounts were entered correctly, and the amount is incorrect...

    1. Reach out to the Ascend Support Team at

  3. If the commission % was entered incorrectly...

    1. Your team will need to work with the carrier to correct the issue.

  4. If the premium amount was entered incorrectly...

    1. Please get in touch with Ascend Support Team at for assistance.

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