Agency Take Rates

What You'll Learn

  1. What is Agency Take Rate?

  2. How to set it up in the Ascend Dashboard

  3. When your agency will receive Take Rate payments

  4. Where to find Take Rate payment history

What is a Take Rate?

Agency take rate is an additional percentage added to the base APR to your insured's finance agreement that is paid to your agency. This allows your agency to participate in the upside of the finance agreement.

By adding a take rate, your Agency will earn additional revenue when an insured chooses to finance their programs.

How do I add a Take Rate?

Admins and accountants in your organization's workspace have the ability to add a take rate on top of the base rate used to calculate your insured's APR for financed policies.

This feature can be enabled via the Settings > Take Rate page here:

  1. Enter the desired Take Rate

  2. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to save

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my agency be paid for their take rate on a financed program?

  • Take rate payouts are issued on the 15th of each month for all financed programs since the 15th of the previous month.

What is the maximum take rate that can be added?

  • There are state-mandated limits on rates for finance agreements that Ascend complies with. The take rate will be limited or removed when the Ascend base rate + take rate exceed the state's limits.

  • You will see a warning note on the program's financing terms details notifying you when the take rate is being reduced due to a state limit. Here is an example of the warning message:

Additionally, take rates are not allowed in the following states:

  • AL

  • AZ

  • CT

  • DC

  • KY

  • MD

  • MA (only allowed for commercial)

  • MI

  • NV

  • NM

  • NC

  • SC

  • TX (only allowed for commercial)

  • VA

  • WA

  • WI

Will my customer see our take rate?

  • Your customer will not see a breakdown of base rates and adjustments you make. Your adjustments will be baked directly into the APR.

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