Premium financing isn't available

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  • Top reasons why premium finance isn't available

Before Starting:

Financing is available on a per-program basis. For programs containing multiple quotes, anyquotecan block financing for the entire program. For example, if you added three quotes to a checkout link with two quotes that allow for financing and one with a carrier that doesn't allow for third-party premium financing, then the whole program will offer only pay in full.

Top reasons why premium finance isn't available

On a Policy:

  • Effective date. Policies are only financeable with an effective date of 50 days in the past.

  • Term. The term must be a minimum of six months long to be eligible for financing and longer than one year.

  • Coverage Type. Currently, the following coverages are not supported for financing:

    • Flood

    • Wind

    • Builders Risk

  • Premium Amount. Policies under $250 need to be more financeable.

  • Minimum Earned Rate. Policies where the minimum earned rate is 100% are not financeable.

On an Endorsement (or AP), financing won't be available:

  • Processing payments. Premium financing for endorsements will not be available if a payment is being processed on the program. Financing will become available again after the upcoming installment has been paid and applied to the loan.

  • Status. The insured's existing loan must be in good standing (cannot be in any of the following statuses: Overdue, Pending Cancellation, Cancelled)

  • More than 2 Remaining Payments. The loan must have at least two installments and at least 74 days before policy expiration.

  • Financed original policy. The original policy must have been financed through Ascend (i.e., we cannot finance an endorsement if the original policy was paid for in full).

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